“But I Live – Remembering the Holocaust” Exhibition Now showing at Stadtmuseum Erlangen (Germany)

*Updated with gallery exhibit*
Announcing an exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Erlangen, Germany.  “But I Live – Remembering the Holocaust” opened last week at Internationaler Comic-Salon Erlangen and runs until the 28th of August. 
“In six small rooms we show the dialogue of Holocaust survivors David Schaffer, Nico and Rolf Kamp and Emmie Arbel with the cartoonists Miriam Libicki (Canada), Gilad Seliktar (Israel) and Barbara Yelin (Germany). The project includes sketches, originals, sources and quotes, with audio interviews and films.
Jakob Hoffmann and Barbara Yelin curated the exhibition for the Comicsalon, in collaboration with Katja Rausch. A multilayered project that could only be coordinated with the great teams of the Comicsalon and the museum, and the exhibition design of visibil!, Miriam, Gilad and the editor of Charlotte Schallié traveled to Comicsalon and it was absolutely wonderful to share the opening, various panels, signing hours and salon days with them.
Big thanks to all the great people who collaborated on the exhibition: Katja Rausch, Jakob Hoffmann, Bodo Birk, Caroline Haberkorn , Charlotte Schallié, Golnar Mehboubi Nejati, Kolja Birk, Harry Schlegel, Michael Jordan , Alexander Korb (and more). Narrative Art & Visual Storytelling In Holocaust and Human Rights Education, C.H.Beck Literatur, University of Toronto Press.

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