Beit Terezin’s Generations Conference with Gilad Seliktar – Dec. 2, 2022

Beit Terezin is a museum, educational centre, and a place of remembrance for the victims of persecution by Nazi Germany at the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Israel.

Every year, Beit Terezin hosts the ‘Generations Conference’, a conference for members of the second, third and fourth generations of survivors of the Holocaust. 

For the 2022 conference, graphic artist Gilad Seliktar was invited present his work for “Thirteen Secrets”, one of the three graphic narratives in ‘But I Live’. Seliktar spoke about processing the memory of the Holocaust through comics, and the creativity and works of the different artists involved. He presented the extraordinary creative process he went through in the book, from his meetings and conversations with Holocaust survivors Rolf and Nico, to the choice of how to present their story, the visual and textual elements, as well as sharing this process with the creators Barbara Yelin and Miriam Libicki. Seliktar also discussed how the testimonies and meetings with two survivors turned into a narrative that presents one story from two different, but very similar, perspectives.

Image credits: Gilad Seliktar & Beit Theresienstadt Association

The lecture also included a performance from the band De Je Wu, and a first time display of the “Events of the Origins of the Terzin Ghetto in Illustrations” by Raz Sonnenfeld.

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