Grade 9 comic workshop at the Kunsthaus Wiesbaden – Nov. 6, 2023

Today students from the 9th grade class of the IGS-Hermann-Ehlers School visited the exhibition “But I Live: Remembering the Holocaust” at the Kunsthaus Wiesbaden. They participated in a guided tour with Laura Schilling and participated in a comic workshop with illustrator Valentin Krayl (@kraylstayle). In the exhibition, they learned what trauma, memory, and survival mean from the three stories of Holocaust survivors in the graphic novel. In the workshop, the students dealt with discrimination in their daily lives and implemented them in comics. What forms of discrimination do they experience? And how do they deal with it?

Many thanks to Valentin Krayl and Ariane Schmidtmann for facilitating the workshop and for the photos!

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The exhibition “But I Live: Remembering the Holocaust” was hosted at the Wiesbaden Kunsthaus from September 14 to November 26, 2023: