“Graphic Novels, Holocaust, Survival: A Conversation with Charlotte Schallié” – Gallery – Ottawa – Jan 24, 2023

The event yesterday at SAW Gallery was amazing! It was beautifully organized and the German Embassy counted over 80 visitors. Many people wanted to talk with Charlotte, and many were also buying books for school libraries.

The conversations and public engagement around the book have been incredibly important to understanding the impacts of Holocaust, as a well as allowing readers to reflect upon their personal family histories. 

Thank you to the Embassies of Germany, Israel, Romania, and the Netherlands for hosting the talk with Dr. Charlotte Schallié during the week of International Holocaust Remembrance Day: 

“Graphic Novels, Holocaust, Survival: A Conversation with Charlotte Schallié.”

When: January 24th, 2023 at 6:00 pm
Where: SAW Club, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa
Full registration link:


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