Vancouver Sun Interview with Miriam Libicki – Nov 22, 2022

With the upcoming talk at the Vancouver Public Library, Shawn Conner from the Vancouver Sun interviewed Miriam Libicki about her work with Holocaust survivor David Schaffer in “But I Live”.

The article “New book pairs Holocaust survivors with Jewish cartoonists for illustrated stories of life and death” details some of Libicki’s artistic and collaborative process with Schaffer.

Image credit: Jeff Vinnick Images.

An excerpt from the interview:

She had already read a transcript of an interview that he had conducted with student researchers, but hearing from him directly helped her shape the tale she wanted to tell.

“If you read a transcript, you can be like, OK, that story is dramatic or happy or sad. But if you actually hear it and watch somebody tell it then you understand more about what it means to them. And because I was asking him more visual questions, he would remember different things.”

Full article: 

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