Educational Resources

The development of educational materials is going to begin in the spring of 2021.

In addition to the engagement with the graphic narratives by teacher candidates in Germany and Israel, Dr. Andrea Webb, chair of the Education Committee and faculty member in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia, will be working with five teacher candidates from UBC who will be developing educational materials in English and French for use with the graphic narratives.

Connecting the British Columbia Social Studies curriculum with historical resources and archives from our partners, these teachers bring their expertise in classrooms, including teaching Genocide Studies 12, as they develop unique learning experiences for secondary school students.

Since many of the Teacher Candidates have been working in classrooms where Genocide Studies 12 is being taught, they have current, first-hand knowledge about what kind of resources are needed in these classrooms, and can work with the team of historians and educators to develop these materials.

The next phase of the project includes refining the materials and piloting the lessons and activities in classrooms in across B.C. in the 2021-22 academic year.