In the News: Barbara Yelin on HistoTALK (Germany)

One of our project artists, Barbara Yelin, was a featured guest on the German podcast, HistoTALK. Yelin reflects on her conversations with Holocaust survivor Emmie Arbel, talks about her approach to drawing from oral history, and shares her project storyboards. Watch the podcast  (she talks about the project starting at min 47.28). 

Barbara says, “the conversation about our different projects was quite special to me. To exchange storyboards, sketches and unfinished pages from a current project in this stage is interesting, because it shows the ‘invisible’ part on which the final pages are based. I hope that it might reveal some insights about the multi-layered process of researching, narrating and depicting Emmie’s memories of the past and how it affects her present.”

HistoTALK is supported by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb.

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