Project Featured in Huffington Post Article

Dr. Charlotte Schallié, David Schaffer, and Miriam Libicki were featured in an article by Samantha Beattie on HuffPo.

“At the University of Victoria, a professor is also taking a novel approach to educating people about the Holocaust. Charlotte Schallie, chair of Germanic and Slavic studies, has connected survivors in Canada, the Netherlands and Israel with artists to create three graphic novels. The novels will be used in classrooms around the world and translated into several languages. 

“It’s an incredibly rich and exciting medium to look at,” said Schallie. She first got the idea about four years ago when her young son, who was resistant to reading, couldn’t put down graphic novels.

Holocaust survivor David Schaffer is working with University of Victoria Prof. Charlotte Schallie, centre, and artist Miriam Libicki to create a graphic novel about his experience.

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