Jewish Museum Frankfurt – Comic Reading and Discussion with Barbara Yelin – Oct 13 & 14, 2022

In the evening of October 13, 2022, graphic artist Barbara Yelin gave a comic reading and discussion of ‘But I Live’ with Jakob Hoffmann and Dr. Hans-Joachim Hahn at the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt.

The next morning on Friday, October 14, Yelin provided a reading specifically for school classes from 10th grade and up: 

Translated description of the event from the website:

“With the end of contemporary witnessing, the question of the forms in which memory is handed down and testimonies of the Shoah made to speak for future generations becomes more and more virulent. Against this background, three talented comic artists and four survivors have found an extraordinary collaboration at the University of Victoria (Canada). As part of a multidisciplinary project, they developed the book “But I live”, which will be presented this evening by the German-speaking comic artist Barbara Yelin. Like the illustrators Miriam Libicki and Gilad Seliktar, she has developed a graphic novel as part of the project that revolves around the experiences of the survivors during and after the Shoah. How can and is the Shoah told in graphic novels?

What opportunities does this form of representation offer for witnessing the Shoah? And what are their limits? Barbara Yelin discusses these and other questions with Jakob Hoffmann (Stories + Strips FFM) and the literary scholar Dr. Hans-Joachim Hahn (University of Basel).” 

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