PG Webinar Mini-Series 2023: Ethics of Trauma-informed Research

The PG Webinar Series for 2023 focuses on ‘The Ethics of Trauma-informed Research’ and is a mini-series co-hosted between our new SSRHC Partnership Grant and the UBC-V Public Humanities Hub.

The first webinar explores Participatory Action Research with the University of Bristol’s Dr. Tim Cole on April 27, 2023: 

PG Webinar Series 2023

April 27, 2023 | “Participatory Action Research” with Tim Cole
May 4, 2023 | “The Ethics of Oral History Research in Genocide-affected Contexts” with Erin Jessee
May 23, 2023 | “Learning Together in a Good Way: Ethical Relationality and Indigenous Storywork with Shannon Leddy” with Shannon Leddy
July 6, 2023 | “Using Research-based Theatre with Post-traumatic Stress Survivors” with George Belliveau and Christina Cook
Nov 2, 2023 | “Oral History in the Shadow of the International Criminal Court” with Kjell Anderson
TBD | Panel with the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma hosted by Esther Enkin, in conversation with Janine di Giovanni, Duncan McCue and Anthon Feinstein

Registration links for upcoming sessions will be updated when available.

About the PG Webinar Series

Every year, the new SSRHC Partnership Grant (PG) “Visual Storytelling and Graphic Art in Genocide and Human Rights Education” will organise a series of webinars drawing upon our partners’ research and work within the PG. The webinars provide a virtual event for a conversation to connect with our partners and the community at the start of the PG. For our Research Clusters, it supports team building, exposing each other to the different levels of expertise, inter-cluster awareness, energizing and de-siloing the research. The webinars are also a form of participatory action, which is at the core of our research, as well as reciprocal relationships and knowledge exchange on the project.

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