Project Partners with Community Field Experience Program at UBC

Under the guidance of Dr. Andrea Webb, UBC CFE teacher candidates used graphic narratives from our project to create teaching materials for a variety of classrooms. Education that addresses trauma and human rights provides skills and strategies for students to develop an awareness of the value of diversity in a pluralistic society and encourages sensitivity to a diversity of positions.

This educational approach connects with curricular priorities including historical thinking and global citizenship, and provides strategies for teachers to support students as they learn about topics such as genocide. 

Purpose of the Community Field Experience

Following successful completion of a school-based extended practicum, all teacher candidates in the UBC Teacher Education Program participate in a three-week community field experience (CFE). The CFE occurs outside of schools in placements, primarily hosted by community partners, to expose the teacher candidates in education outside the traditional school classroom. By taking part in the CFE, teacher candidates expand their concept of potential learning sites and how they might get involved, either as a career option or as a classroom teacher, in a more holistic view of education.

Learn more about the Community Field Experience here.

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