“Research re-imagined” – Feature Article in University Affairs – May 3, 2023

More academics are learning how powerful graphic novels can be for sharing ideas, and University Affairs explores this in the feature article ‘Research Re-imagined’ with our University of Toronto Press editor Natalie Fingerhut and Holocaust historian  Dr.Charlotte Schallié’s award-winning book and project as a prime example:

“She had a dim view of graphic novels before she started working on the project, she says. But when Ms. Fingerhut read the collected stories, her view abruptly changed. “The last story in the collection just put a knife through my heart,” she says. “I studied the Holocaust, and I’ve seen and read most of the hard-hitting literature. I saw this story, and it just floored me in a way that I had not been floored before.”

The experience taught Ms. Fingerhut how powerful drawings can be. “Text can be dissociative, and the graphic [form] is not,” she says. She’s now working on more graphic novels about different genocides, and feels the format works particularly well for communicating tough subjects, especially to a younger audience. No matter the audience’s age, though, she sees the potential for impact.”

‘Research re-imagined’ is by Cailynn Klingbeil, a writer, editor and freelance journalist based in Calgary. Illustration by Javi Aznarez.


Full feature article:

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