Holocaust and Genocide Studies Review – January 2024

A book review of ‘But I Live’ was published in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Review in early January, 2024. The review celebrated our survivor-centered approach, by having the survivor’s stories first, before providing historical context:

“The stories stand first on their own without scholarly facilitation or direction, visibly speaking to the displacement, upheaval, horrors, and devastation of the Nazi genocide. Everything else is commentary.”

The Holocaust and Genocide Studies is a major forum for scholarship on the Holocaust and other genocides. It provides an independent, peer-reviewed international journal featuring research articles, interpretive essays, and book reviews in the social sciences and humanities. 

Victoria Aarons, But I Live: Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust. Charlotte Schallié, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Volume 37, Issue 3, Winter 2023, Pages 459–461, https://doi.org/10.1093/hgs/dcad039

HGS Review: